Ladies and Gentleman,

We are happy to invite You to the Veterinary Medicine Fair Vet-Expo and the Veterinary Practice Congress.

Both events will take place in Poland in Lodz on 20-21, April 2024 at the Conferences and Exhibition Centre In Lodz, Politechniki 4 street Poland.

Vet-Expo is a specialist trade fair gathering producers and distributors of the equipment, facilities and medical aids, accessories, food, diagnostic and laboratory devices as well as pharmaceutical companies, publishers, service providers and veterinary institutions.

The events address veterinary doctors, scholarly specialists, veterinary inspectors, assistant personnel, university undergrads and veterinary school students.

The fair will be accompanied by the Congress of Veterinary Medicine “Contemporary Veterinary”, during which outstanding specialists from Poland and abroad will share their knowledge in the field of

diagnostics and treatment of small and exotic animals, cattle, horses, laboratory techniques, food biosecurity, nutrition and dietetics, rehabilitation. Your company’s participation in the fair and the congress will allow You to display Your interesting offer and what is more make new valuable business contacts. I strongly encourage You to co-create the program of the accompanying events, plenary sessions, presentations and shows.

Emil Kotecki

Head of Commercial Department


Mobile: +48 500 113 548